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Yext is a location data management software that syncs your NAP and other business information like photos, videos, menu details etc. on various business directories. The platform offers a listing visits report that essentially lets you track the number of visitors to your listings. The biggest drawback with Yext is that all your information that was synced by the product goes back to the previous stage once you terminate your contract. They also charge a lump sum amount which might not be feasible for small businesses or agencies. You’d rather consider a product like Synup, that provides other value-added services like review management and rank tracking at a much lower cost.

Yext Synup
Plan Premium Advanced Package Premium Business Package
Optimization Rate 100% 100%
Review Monitoring Yes Yes
Respond Directly To Reviews Yes Yes
Review Generation Wizard Yes Yes
Auto Claim Wizard ? Yes
Enhanced Media Yes Yes
Review Widget Yes Yes
Duplicates Suppression Yes Yes
Cancellation Policy Listings reverted back to your old information Listings information remains intact

Synup gives you the right advantage

Complete Data Security

You are in complete control of your location data. No one else can edit your listings

Speed of Updates

Any changes to your listings are updated almost instantly with assured accuracy

Delete Duplicates

You can view your duplicate listings and even choose to remove them from the network

White Labelled Dashboard

Present a custom dashboard with your agency branding to your clients

Prospecting Tool

Generate leads for your agency through a white-labelled listings scan tool

Automated Emails & Reports

Reports and emails are automated for you and can also be triggered for specific actions

Boost your business location marketing

Automate Business Listings

Sync and update your business content across all major websites & directories.

Generate Reviews

Send personalized, automatic emails to customers and request for reviews.

Track Your Reviews

View and respond to reviews sourced from multiple directories from one single screen

See How You Rank

Track how you rank on search engines for search terms related to your business

Google My Business Insights

Get insights on your Google listing such as calls, direction requests and more

Facebook Page Insights

Understand how customers interact with your Facebook page such as likes, calls and more

Put your business across the web

We make things a lot easier for you


You are in complete control of your location information and reviews across the web from one single screen

Quick Set Up

You only need to enter your location information once and our platform starts uploading your data immediately.

Friendly Support

If you do have any doubts, you can reach out to us to help you with any support that you require.

I have high praise for Synup! They seem to be very honest and followed through with all my requests. All my listings are synced and my phone has been ringing so much more than before I had hired them. I highly recommend Synup. With their help my listing on Google has zipped to the top!  Aric Gitomer

Owner, Aric Gitomer Architect, LLC

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